10 Dangerous( And Expensive) Skin Care Myths That We Requirement To Leave Behind Forever

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Whenever a new charm tendency thumps the situation, I’m firstly in line to buy every make in sight.

Korean skin care? Way ahead of you. SPF serum? Sign me up. As a true buff, I pride myself on knowing what’s up, but that doesn’t intend I don’t get sucked in by cults that fail to do a whole lot in the results department.

And that’s mainly because the majority of members of us, charm addicts or otherwise, buy into a whole multitude of superstitions that had not yet been indication to back them up aside from word-of-mouth admonition. Let’s take a look at the ones it is also necessary ditch.

1. Myth : Lavender is great for tranquilize peeved skin.

Fact : While that statement in itself is not incorrect, here’s where contributing lavender to your routine goes touchy. Although the solacing properties of lavender can mollify redness, the flora can also oblige your scalp photosensitive. That doesn’t bode well for anyone looking to spend time outside, especially when beach condition reels around. To evade burning and farther injury your scalp, slather on some serious SPF if you use these creams, lubricants, and serums.

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of using lavender-laden concoctions, check this out.

2. Myth : You should never use lubricants or rich balms on oily skin.

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Fact : As person with an oily face, I can tell you that stripping your scalp is never the answer. In knowledge, employing stern, dehydrating cleansers and toners can actually trick your scalp into producing even more lubricant. A good charm number starts with moisturization, so don’t be afraid of anti-aging lubricants and creams. Just use them sparingly. After a while, your scalp will offset itself out. It can only do that if it’s health and nourished.

3. Myth : Eating too much of any junk food will oblige you break out.

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Fact : The association between all junk food and breakouts is a little too general. Instead of objecting the finger at every indulging, accuse high-glycemic meat. Treats falling into this category often contain refined sugars and carbohydrates, which cause inflammation. Investigates have associated inflammation to breakouts, so that’s why zits emerge after binging on material like pizza.

You can find more information about high-glycemic meat and its relation to acne here.

4. Myth : All concoctions labeled “hypoallergenic” will work for feelings skin.

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Fact : Much like the word “organic” has turned into an unregulated mess in grocery store, the word “hypoallergenic” tricks customers with feelings scalp into thinking that concoctions labeled as such will not cause irritation.

According to the kinfolks at Paula’s Choice, “We’ve read the thousands of concoctions that are said to be good for feelings skin that contain earnestly problematic ingredients like fragrances, which are capable of triggering allergic breakouts or feelings scalp reactions.” Be on the lookout for ingredients like alcohol, menthol, and camphor. For further details, follow this link.

5. Myth : Using concoctions from the same front will yield better results.

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Fact : You can chalk this up to ingenious sell, people. While every brand under the sun claims that there’s a special concerning the relationship between ingredients in concoctions from the same front, you can save some serious cash by doing your research. If you adoration an expensive lotion but can’t afford the serum that presumably goes along with it, check the ingredients and look for them abroad on sites like Amazon and Dermstore.

6. Myth : Facial exercises can impede and antagonize the signs of aging.

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Fact : According to Dr. Frederic Brandt, the mastermind behind Dr. Brandt Skin Care, “The muscle contractions used in facial exercises can actually contribute to wrinkling.” Just think about how smile strings shape. Over the course of a lifetime, those pesky parentheses on either side of your lip become permanently etched into the scalp. Repeatedly performing the same facial exercises can have same effects.

7. Myth : Natural ingredients are always better than synthetics.

Fact : There’s a is why jobs like LUSH( which is an amazing brand, by the way) do so well. They give consumers the option to barter out stern synthetics for natural alternatives. The investigates at LUSH know is which processes their ingredients need to go through to oblige them safe and efficient. For the above reasons , not all natural products are created equal. Citrus juices and coconut lubricant, for example, can actually harm and chafe your scalp if they’re not processed correctly.

To learn more about which natural ingredients will actually help your scalp, check out the LUSHopedia.

8. Myth : It’s best to implement concoctions that contain collagen and elastin.

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Fact : While all those asserts about bioengineered collagen and elastin penetrating the scalp and fusing with the collagen you already have chimed great, they don’t hold up on a molecular tier. The knowledge of the matter is that the molecules found in these products are mode too big to probe the scalp, let alone bind with pre-existing collagen.

9. Myth : High-end products are mode more effective than anything you could possibly find at the drugstore.

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Fact : According to most experts, the active ingredients in anti-aging concoctions across the range are pretty much the same. Even if the levels of these ingredients in pharmacy concoctions are lower, you’ll still get same impressions over day.( And while we’re at it, I’d like to point out that no anti-aging lotion got to go oblige you look like you merely had a facelift, even if you spend a small luck on it .)

10. Myth : Baking soda is great for exfoliating and detoxifying the skin.

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Fact : This one is particularly maddening, since charm gurus, DIYers, and even major firebrands claim that baking soda is something that you should be using on your face. In knowledge, Biore just came out with a face shower based on the damaging tendency. You absolutely should not use baking soda on your skin.

Not simply is it too harsh to implement as an exfoliant, but it’s also mode too basic. The PH level of baking soda can shed your scalp altogether out of hit — so much better so that it is able to rob your scalp of its natural ability to fight bacterial infections. Click here for more details.

The fact of the matter is that everyone’s scalp is different.

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What works for me might not work for you, and that’s altogether fine! While it’s important to acknowledge the shortcomings of charm cults and call out problematic superstitions, the pros of using lavender lubricant may outweigh the cons for you, or you really might break out after devouring different forms of junk food. Just figure out what works( and doesn’t toil) for you. Before starting any new regimen, it never hurts to do some digging online and consult a dermatologist!

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