14 Women Share What They Observe About A Husband When They Sleep With Him For The First time

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1 .” Whether or not he asks to use a condom. If I have to ask him, I’m always saddened. Either he’s assuming I’m on birth control, or he just doesn’t care. Both are turn off .” Danielle, 25

2 .” Isn’t it obvious? The width of his package. If he’s got a monster eggplant down there you’re instantly scared, and if he’s got a little concoction wiener you’re like,’ well how’s this going to work? ‘” Hailey, 24

3 .” I ever observe the acces he gets undressed. Some people are so sexy about it you feel like you’re watching a rom com in slow motion, and then some guys remove their clothe so fast it’s like you turn around and they’re magically naked .” Desiree, 26

4 .” I take notice to how rough he is. If he’s super bumpy with me the first time we’re sleeping together I almost see it as a red flag. If you’re hurling me around when you barely know me, what are you going to do with me when you’re actually comfortable? I don’t think I want to know the answer to that inquiry .” Madison, 25

5 .” I observe his belly. Patently if he has a six carry I’ll be agreeably surprised, but I actually adore it when he has a little pooch. I think it’s cute, and virtually charming, like he’s more relatable that acces .” Kelly, 24

6 .” Nipple hair. One guy I slept with had literally no chest fuzz, and yet his teats was like little hamsters. I don’t know if he simply scraped his chest and forgot his teats, but it was one of the weirder happenings I’ve ever seen on a guy. I don’t mind a hairy chest, but when there’s mane conveniently growing from merely your snips, it’s weird .” Nadia, 23

7 .” His hoofs. If they’re dry, I’ll sometimes appear the bumpy flakiness scratch up against my leg and it’s not a good time. All humanities should get pedicures. Gravely .” Shayna, 25

8 .” I adore a good as. First time I sleep with a person his butt is still the first thing I look at, probably why I slept with a knot of baseball player in college .” Cate, 24

9 .” I see what parts of my body he’s willing to put in his lip. The more the very best. Unless it’s my toes. I don’t like toe suckers, that’s just too much .” Julie, 26

10 .” I usually observe strange freckles. I think it’s so cute when they have little beauty recognizes everywhere .” Alexis, 23

11 .” His odor, and I make like different forms of odor, specially the kinds that “re coming out” below his waist. If his waste smells, I’m not going to enjoy myself. There’s no way your smelly balls “il go to” get me soaked or anywhere close to an orgasm .” Janelle, 24

12 .” His underwear. I wish humanities could have sex in their underwear. I’m so much more turned on by him in briefs than I am when he’s naked. Unless he’s in tighty whities, in which case I’d rather him be naked .” Hope, 25

13 .” Emphatically his pubes. If he’s au naturale I’m wondering why, and if he’s more groomed than I am, I’m likewise wondering why. I like a happy medium .” Laura, 26

14 .” First thought I detect are the rackets he makes, or the words he’s saying if he’s talking. If a guy is murmuring like the status of women, I start to wonder if I voice as dumb as he does .” Rachelle, 25

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