16 Men Tell Us What Flaws See Their Significant Other Special To Them

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1 .” I adore her unfold celebrates. They are signs of rise and of maturity. She ever tries to hide them from me, which I will never understand .” Mark, 30

2 .” I’m obsessed with my lovers gap in between her two front teeth .” Peter, 25

3 .” I adore my wife’s thighs. And no, she doesn’t have a thigh crack .” Rob, 35

4 .” My girl’s button snout is the cutest stuff I have seen in my entire life .” Stephen, 23

5 .” Her belly rotations. There is nothing sexier than a woman with curves .” Adam, 28

6 .” She hates her moles and freckles, but I think it renders her reputation. It divides her from all those plastic barbie wannabe’s out there .” Luc, 27

7 .” My wife has a reasonably respectable sized scar on the left of her cheek from a auto disintegrate. She used to hide it with covered under, but I told her I liked it better without all that makeup .” Alex, 33

8 .” My wife’s curls. She ALWAYS arranges her mane and I don’t get it. Her curls “re driving me” utterly crazed( in the best direction ).” Kelly, 30

9 .” My girlfriend has always complained about how thin her cheeks were. But to me, it was always something I enjoyed about her. So numerous girlfriends these days are get lip infusions, and I feel natural beauty is always the way to go .” Chris, 25

10 .” As we have aged, of course we have gotten more wrinkles. My partner is so embarrassed and disappointed by them and I always keep telling her,” honey, don’t you want to show “the worlds” that you’ve giggled more than a lot of beings “peoples lives”? Don’t you want to show off the great life that you have lived thus far “?” Randy, 50

11 .” My girlfriend’s pale surface. She ever looks like an angel .” Jack, 22

12 .” I desire her most when she is without makeup. Despite the acne scars and brands, Ireally do guess she is so much more beautiful without piling on that nonsense .” Drew, 26

13 .” Her tiny eyelashes. I don’t know why, but I think they are so cute and sensitive to be addressed .” Miles, 23

14 .” I adore her bending smile. It was one of the first things I detected about her. I wouldn’t call it passion at first sight, but it definetely was something special .” Tim, 21

15 .” Her chicken leg. There is something so sensitive and treasured about them .” Adam, 27

16 .” I am obsessed with my wife’s crooked teeth. Every experience she smiles, I can’t help but smile extremely. Whenever she mentions anything tome about going veneers, I razz her and tell herI’d divorce her if she ever did that .” Richard, 37

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