18 Insanely Smart Celebs That Graduated From Ivy League Colleges

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Ah, college. How I miss thee and your disgusting dorm rooms.

I went to Penn State, and let me say to you, when I say we had outraging dormitory room, I freakin mean it. Im talking pee-on-the-walls-of-the-elevators-in-the-freshman-dorm-buildings disgusting.

But you know what institutions dont have disgusting dorm room? Ivy Leagues. And you know whos not a celebrity but likes to simulated she is? Me.

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of celebrities who got their college education from Ivy League schools.

There are eight Ivy League colleges: Yale University, HarvardUniversity, CornellUniversity, ColumbiaUniversity, University of Pennsylvania, PrincetonUniversity, BrownUniversity, and Dartmouth College.

So, heres a roll of your favorite luminaries who graduated from an Ivy League institution, and none of them are me. Sorry. I know youre sad.

John Legend, University of Pennsylvania

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John Legend is a high-key musical genius as well as a high-key genius all around. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 with a major in English, but he was also has agreed to and offered fellowships fromHarvard, Morehouse, and Georgetown.

A year before his graduation, a pal from institution innovated him to singer Lauryn Hill. She asked him to play forte-piano on her chant Everything is Everything. Another college pal inserted him to Kanye West in 2001, and they culminated up working together later.

Oh, and he likewise graduated a year early.

Emma Watson, Brown University

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Emma Watson moved away from Brown University in 2014, but during her years at Brown, she had to take some time off in order to cinema.

Her decision to attend Brown was large-hearted word because she already had a successful acting profession. She took time away from it in order to engage higher education.

Jenny Slate, ColumbiaUniversity

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Before Slate expressed Marcel the Shell, before she was a featured performer on and shot from the demo for saying f* ck live on air, and before she had a repetition( speak: fantastically astounding) capacity on, Slate accompanied Columbia University and graduated in 2004.

She was most recently in the film, which co-stars her now ex-boyfriend, Chris Evans.

Kate McKinnon, ColumbiaUniversity

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superstar graduated with a major in theatre from Columbia University in 2006, two years after Jenny Slate.

McKinnon is now the only person to ever triumph an Emmy for their achievement on So, like, shes objectively fantastic and wonderful and I adore everything about this woman.

Meryl Streep, Yale School of Drama

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Queen Meryl Streep went to Vassar College for her undergrad and got her rulers of fine arts from Yale School of Drama. She graduated in 1975 and has since become one of “the worlds largest” award-winning actresses in history.


Tarell Alvin McCraney, Yale School of Drama

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McCraney merely prevailed an Oscar for his work on, the film based on his Tony-winning play.

Just like Streep, he graduated from Yale School of Drama in 2007, and he was recently appointed chair of the playwriting department at his alma mater.

He was also good buddies withBryan Terrell Clark( which is now plays George Washington inon Broadway) while they were at Yale. They would spend hours at Krispy Kreme together in order to tighten from their intense schedules, Clark told me in an exclusive interrogation.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, ColumbiaUniversity

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Jake Gyllenhaals large-hearted sis moved away from Columbia University in 1995 with a major in English literature. Fun fact: She took a class from Uma Thurmans father, Professor Robert Thurman, while she was a student there.

Jake Gyllenhaal also wasted two years at Columbia, but he never finished.

Lupita Nyongo, Yale School of Drama

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This Oscar-winning actress get her originals degree in behaving from Yale School of Drama and graduated in 2012.

Yale School of Drama is routinely scheduled as best available behaving academy in the two countries, so its no astonish that Nyongo, McCraney, and Streep have all prevailed Oscars.

Rashida Jones, Harvard University

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The star graduated from Harvard University in 2003 where she learnt playing. She likewise wrote musical scores for Harvards Hasty Pudding Club, a social club for Harvard students thats so old-time and favourite, it has its own awards show that honorscelebrities every year. And the celebrities actually show up.

This times Man/ Woman of the Year awardings went to Ryan Reynolds and Octavia Spencer.

Ellie Kemper, PrincetonUniversity

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The star graduated from Princeton University in 2002 and was actually a field hockey player there.

Her mother also graduated from Princeton and had been among the first females to attend the university after it became a co-ed school in 1969.

Oh, and her interest in performance started back when she was a freshman in high school when Jon Hamm was her drama coach. Literally, Jon Hamm. And now theyre ontogether. Im going to file this under I cannot.

Natalie Portman, HarvardUniversity

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This Oscar-winning actress( who recently had her second child) graduated from Harvard University in 2003 with a certain degree in psychology.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Portman helped out AaronSorkin while he was writing by telling him all about what its like to attend Harvard/ Ivy League schools in general.

She too addresses six languages, so theres that.

Shonda Rhimes, Dartmouth College

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Shonda Rhimes, the ruler of the massiveuniverse that is primetime video, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1991 where she learnt English literature and imaginative writing.


OK, wow. That got dark. Sorry.

Mindy Kaling, Dartmouth College

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creator and sun also graduated from Dartmouth College in 2001 where she studied theatre.

She likes to gag about her hour at Dartmouthin her volumes like, where she said she went to an Ivy League to haunt[ her] enjoy of white people and North Face parkas.

Allison Williams, YaleUniversity

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The hotshot moved away from Yale University in 2010 where she majored in English and was part of an improv humor troupe announced Just Add Water.

She territory the role of Marnie Michaels not long after she graduated and very recently starred as the rascal in Jordan Peeles hit thriller.

Tracee Ellis Ross, BrownUniversity

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Tracee Ellis Ross, the daughter of singer Diana Ross and star of on ABC, moved away from Brown University in 1994 where shemajored in theatre.

She likewise attended the extremely exclusive Institut Le Rosey, a boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland.

John Krasinski, Brown University

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virtuoso moved away from Brown University in 2001. He initially majored in English, but then switched to theatre. And honestly, thank God for that.

During the first half of his freshman year, he educated English to students in Costa Rica. Because of course he did.

Courtney B. Vance, HarvardUniversity and Yale School of Drama

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The star got his undergraduate degree in biography from Harvard University and graduated in 1982.

He then got his captains at the Yale School of Drama, where he met his now-wife Angela Bassett. He graduated from Yale in 1986 and now is on the Yale School of Drama board of advisors together with Tarell Alvin McCraney.

Angela Bassett, Yale University and Yale School of Drama

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Angela Bassett went both her undergrad and graduate degrees from Yale University. She majored in African-American Studies during undergrad and listened Yale School of Drama for her Originals, where she filled her now-husband, Courtney B. Vance.

She was recently featured in an occurrence on Season 2 of Aziz Ansaris.

And there you have it! A directory of personalities that graduated from Ivy League colleges, and nothing of them are, or ever is likely to be, me.

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