20+ Worst Things Seen During Structural Inspections

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You can get away with a sloppy handshake but with a carelessly improved home? Not so much better. Eventually, its calibers will deteriorate to the point when the one thing deeming it together is pure fluke. And you better call in the engineers before that runs out, too.

Alpha Structural, Inc. presents itself as the only company in Los Angeles County licensed to designer and build any type of foundation or hillside repair. For its 25 th birthday, the organization has decided to share some of the craziest structural inspections they’ve done over the years, doing numerous internet users question the sanity of some contractors. “Besides having a stellar honour, we’re called out to inspect and purport the resolution of numerous structural issues, ” a spokesperson of Alpha Structural, In. told Bored Panda . “Specializing in advanced hillside foundation repair methods we mainly are called to inspect when there are issues such as sloping floors, flunked retaining walls, etc.”

“A very common issue we see is mid-century hillside homes that are sinking. They were often built with shallow grounds that are prone to sink over era. Additionally, there is a lot of expansive grime in Los Angeles which, due to its high clay content, expands and contracts. This leads to areas or sides of a dwelling that sink.”

Since the company has already inspected tens of thousands of dimensions, it’s hard to catch its designers off his guard. “I would say we’re more likely to be surprised by what’s under the home than such structures itself! Although, while we are not alarmist in any way, every once in a while we will come across a formation that we are surprised is still standing.”

According to Alpha Structural, Inc ., everyone living in the area can take measures to make their building a safe target. “We ever recommend shake retrofitting your home, ” they included. “It’s no amaze seismic pleasure is prevalent in Los Angeles, so taking the time to retrofit your residence is key. Likewise, most foundation problems are induced because of no drainage, or good drainage around the home. The most cost-effective solution to preserve your foundation is to make sure your yard slopes away from the structure and that your channels and downspouts are scavenged and road the sea away.

However, it’s easy to get carried away. “People tend to overreact when it comes to their home. Things such as hairline crannies and minor sticking of doorways can cause quite a panic in most homeowners. Plenty of information about our services can be found on our website! “

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# 1

Everything is code when there is no code.( Not in LA)

# 2

YES, this is a real skull& YES it was announced in to the police and YES it was confirmed by a detective coroner. While doing a real estate inspection in the depression, one of our assessors came across the above skull. It was said to be found in Peru by the previous proprietors. Apparently, they created it back in their luggage when returning from their vacation in Peru ….

YES, this is a real skull& YES it was called in to the police and YES it was confirmed by a detective coroner. While doing a real estate inspection in the valley, one of our assessors came across the above skull. It was said to be found in Peru by the previous owneds. Apparently, they fetched it back in their baggage when returning from their vacation in Peru. Why they would do this is beyond me. This was eventually confirmed by the vendors of the property that it was in fact brought back over to the states from Peru. The skull, which was studied by the coroner, was roughly 1,000 years old. This is by far one of the craziest things we’ve determined doing organization inspections in Los Angeles.

# 3

They missed…

# 4

This was taken during one of our structural inspections in North Hollywood. It’s gonna take a little more than duct tape to fix this one.

# 5

Now, I forgot the term for these, but basically it’s a massive loophole/ well that was about a meter for the purposes of the concrete footing. The proprietor had no idea this was here. Must have been there for decades.

# 6

And they were wondering why their floorings were sagging.

# 7

During an inspection, one of our assessors saw this beauty. A wall developed exclusively out of concrete filled laundering machines.

# 8

And there departs the other half of your house

# 9

A car jack perhaps?


“I have sagging floors” And this is why.

This is something you don’t consider every day: A settlement of bees/ hornets/ wasps, had generated a honeycombed den on the carcass of a dead animal and it became the perfect online material. Nasty.


This is a foundation made up of river boulder, some sort of hardened mortar and the rips of the contractors who did it. Likewise, I visualize a rhino!


It may seem as if this is a photo was taken at an angle, but I give you my assurances, it was perfectly straight. The floorings are just sloping down a good 6 inches from the middle of the home.


Nothing is worse than coming across a massive gas tube while excavation. It wasn’t on the initial plans.


Though these jacks are pretty common…they should never be used as a permanent pier. Unless secured with passage strip of course.


This is a very interesting view from a cellar window. It’s actually located in a shower and “youre seeing” the critters moving around in the soil. Hope you like flaws!


This is one of the craziest structural flunks I’ve ever seen. No re-bar , not bolted, sink 2 ft and it’s on sand…Just wow!


This is an vacated home in East Los Angeles. I don’t want to get too technical on this, but not even the homeless would want to set up browse in there.


Yeah…that’s not legal.


A soft-story can be described as multi-level structure built with a first floor that is much less strict( soft) than the floors above, such as in an suite with tuck under parking. This is a cause for concern, for when an earthquake thumps, the already existing editorials do not have the strength to protect against the sideways flow that can occur.

May not looks a lot like much, but a single toddler jumps and that prepare of stairs and deck come down.


This is actually the door leading to Narnia. It just so happens that it’s under a house in Pasadena, CA. Seriously though, they used this as a sort of “shear wall” for additional persuasivenes. Again, an obvious DIY job.


Stay hydrated my friends…


This is what happens when wood touches dirt over a long period of time. It soaks up sea and rots.


So from here we consider there is a slope starting from the right and running 15 hoofs to left. After peeling back the carpet, we detected a massive slab crack. To the protection of the rights of the fissure we interpret another cranny that’s been patched. The left of the house was completely sinking a total of 18 inches from the point of the cranny. One of the worst slab status we’ve seen …

So from here we attend there is a slope starting from the right and departing 15 hoofs to left. After peeling back the carpet, we discovered a massive slab cracking. To the protection of the rights of the fissure we understand another crack that’s been patched. The left side of the house was completely sinking a total of eighteen inches from the point of the cranny. One of the worst slab maladies we’ve seen so far in LA.


This is a first


Let’s just say it’s a little over-engineered.


It’s simple, the floor is actually a balloon. Prepare to fly.


Not in dreadful ailment but I truly want to kick it in.


The fact that almost all of the berth& quays were like this is concerning!

This patio above the garage had a little water intrusion…


The pillars on the side are fine, but the middle-of-the-road one…it’s tournament over


This is a disaster waiting to happen. A large-scale province of the back porch is mostly floating on this hillside. Likewise, you can clearly see my thumb in the frame.


They might want to add a “Do not park next to this obviously neglecting retaining wall because it might fell off your auto in the night and we’re not paying for it” sign.


The issue is….all of it


Post that’s scarcely remaining upon a concrete quay. This one is undermined and probably one good shake away from collapsing.


This speaks for itself. If you’re wondering about the filter, I lost the original. All I have is our Instagram photo.


Let’s play a game of Jenga in the back yard.


It’s a container filled with sand , not concrete, used as a concrete pier. Code? Nope. Aesthetic? Nope. Funny? Yep.


A big concrete block, random timber members and plywood. That should do.

Did a structural assessment for this home and the lady was wondering why her residence was ascent 7 inches. Some classic LA settlement.


This was a very interesting hillside home that was sliding down the hill. They needed an engineered wall to keep the house from cracking down the slope.


Nature will find it’s way.( Ficus Tree Root)


The roots basically said F ** K YOU and broke the wall with ease.


During an inspection in Los Angeles, we came across this brittle, flunking organization made of brick. The mortar simply descended right off of the brick in a junk cascade. An shake would more than likely demolish this home.


This one is subtle but the property is shifting like crazy! The back wall is bowing quite a bit and in the top right, where the stilts connect to the overhang, “youre seeing” the waviness of the connections and how precarious it really is.


A few more inches down and that would have made a nice half-pipe for skateboarding. Image below shows the cause of this plunge!


“who departs under a house to steal a wooden block off a wharf? “


This was found under a mansion. Somebody undercut the entire statu then stopped the excavation and left.


Water was constantly getting into the wall. This is the ugly ensue!

They did it right in the 1920 ‘s. Not.


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