Brooklyn cafe is serving$ 9 ‘unicorn lattes’

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Unicorn lattes are the next rainbow bagel.

A Brooklyn cafe called The End is responsible for creating this buzz-worthy liquid. But while the drink is called a latte, there is no actual coffee in it.

The End Mashable with their menu so we could see exactly what goes into a unicorn latte: ginger, lemon, coconut milk, sugar and e3 live blue green algae, which hands the drink its blue shade. The booze is ornamented with turmeric and pomegranate pulverization, as well as edible blooms or vegan sprinkles.

Image: The End Brooklyn

The unicorn latte is one of five “healing lattes” you can tell at The Point, and all of them tap into the unexpected.

“It was appointed the Unicorn Latte because the recipe is made to help tap into your most occult, colorful and vibrant ego, ” The End told Mashable . “We want “youve got to” fly high and this boozing is contributing to do so.”

Image: The Culminate Brooklyn

Is “flying high” equivalent to the raise that regular caffeine commits us? In ordering statements, can the unicorn latte change a coffee-based latte? The Expiration claims that the e3 in the drink going to be able to decalcify the pineal gland in your brain.

“Decalcifying the gland can lead to extreme mental lucidity, and facilitates on regenerate health and vibrancy to the physical body. It is quickly becoming the antidote to the mid-afternoon psyche cloud for our customers.”

While this sounds astounding, it may not work for everyone. Specially for the over-caffeinated New Yorker , good-for-nothing can supersede the kicking of good age-old espresso.

The unicorn latte is just one of numerous alternatives on The End’s Plant Alchemy Bar menu, which was first launched in December. It’s a roll of “diverse, clean and plant-based tonics to facilitate awaken your senses, promote your intellect and improve your greatest superpower: your intuition.” The menu boasts juice and tea lattes in addition to healing lattes, and all 12 oz. glass sell for $9.

While unicorn lattes are certainly as unique as the animal they are identified after, unicorn-themed things have recently rose to popularity, with unicorn maracons blowing up Instagram and unicorn eyeliner broom through the world of makeup. What unicorn-inspired component will the world think up next?

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