Chris Evans’ biceps are particularly that gigantic in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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That scene from ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ You know the one
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LOS ANGELES They were the grease-guns gawked at ’round the world.

And get this: They were real .

The moment in Captain America: Civil War when Cap comprises down Bucky’s starting helicopter had all the hallmarks of a digital-beauty improvement and hey, there’s no disgrace in that. Just about everyone gets a little help in postproduction these days.

But Civil War chairmen Joe and Anthony Russo, doing the rounds to promote the film’s home video secrete, swear on a load of comic books: That film was all in-camera. 100% Pointed A Chris Evans Beefcake , nothing more.

Forgive us for being dubious. I mean, look at that happen 😛 TAGEND

But the Russo Brother told Mashable on Wednesday that nothing about that fire was improved.( Watch for Mashable’s exclusive clip from the DVD extras tomorrow .)

“Listen to this, ” Anthony Russo said. “The very first rally we ever had with Marvel, where reference is came in to ask about Winter Soldier for the first time, we asked them, ‘Did you guys deepen[ Evans] when he came out of that pod[ in The First Avenger ]? ‘ And they were like, ‘No. We swear to god, we didn’t touch him. That’s all Chris Evans.”

So it is with Civil War .

And by the way, the muse for the “Marvel moment” actually came from another iconic muscle-man, who you may have determined if you’ve ever been up 5th Avenue extending past Rockefeller Center in Manhattan 😛 TAGEND

Atlas flexed.

Image: Getty Images

“Joe initially came up with the idea that he would view apache helicopters down, ” Anthony Russo told Mashable , “but that shooting was very specific … I remember before we shot it I was in Rock Center and looking at the bronze of Atlas and I’m thinking, what’s the quintessential Captain America ‘Atlas shot? ‘ That filmed was very much designed to that end, to be evocative of that Atlas statue there, in terms of demo his strength.”

“The whole group amassed around where reference is shooting it and were marveling at him, just like, ‘I can’t belief how big his firearms are.'”

And it wasn’t exactly us moviegoers “whos” impressed, folks.

“The guy gets so rent to play that side, ” Joe Russo said. “I contemplate the whole group mustered around when we shot it and were marveling at him, just like, ‘I can’t speculate how big his guns are.'”

Neither can we.

Captain America: Civil War was necessary to Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on Sept. 2, then on Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand Sept. 13.

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