‘Fascination with sex’: Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich clash on Trump coverage

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Fox News presenter tells Trump campaigner he needs to deal with his anger concerns after heated exchange over media bias in treating searching boasts

In an aggressive exchange on Fox News, the former House speaker Newt Gingrich alleged republican Tv host Megyn Kelly of bias against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as well as a obsession with sex.

The row on Tuesday night between Kelly and one of Trumps most stalwart adherents began when the emcee brought up the multiple sexual assault and mismanagement allegations against the candidate.

During the following debate, which frontier on personal attacks, Gingrich said the multitude was fascinated with sexuality and Kelly insisted him to take your anger issues and invest some time working on them.

Dan Scavino, Trumps director of social media, eventually answered on Twitter, saying Kelly had made a total moron out of herself and alerting: Watch what happens to her after such elections is over.

Dan Scavino Jr. (@ DanScavino)

. @MegynKelly made a total fool out of herself tonight- criticizing @realDonaldTrump. Watch what happens to her after this election is over.

October 26, 2016

The tiff celebrated the latest chapter in the back and forth between Kelly and the Trump campaign. It started in August 2015 when Trump suggested tough questioning from the Fox News emcee in the first debate of the Republican presidential primary was because she was menstruating. She had blood coming out of her sees, blood coming out of her wherever, Trump said on CNN.

Trump has since continued to make Kelly a target. The Republican nominee called her crazy Megyn in March and even tweeted at her during Tuesdays vice-presidential debate.

On Tuesday night, after Kelly registered off a series of occurrences on the campaign trail that negatively affected Trumps digesting with female voters a late-night tweet rampage against a former miss universe, a leaked tape testifying him bragging about sexually assaulting dames Gingrich demonstrated that the amount of media attention concentrate on the allegations was not commensurate with other campaign issues.

Im sick and tired of beings like you expending expression thats inflammatory thats not true! Gingrich wailed, lending. I think that is exactly the bias that people are upset by!

Kelly replied: I think that your defensiveness on this may speak capacities, sir.

What I said is, she sustained, if Donald Trump is a sexual piranha, then its a big storey. And what we envision on that videotape was Trump himself went on to say that he likes to grab wives by the genitals and kiss them against their will.

Thats what we saw. Then we checked 10 women been put forward after he actually repudiated doing it at a dispute, to say: That was inaccurate; he did it to me; he did it to me. We ensure reporters, we pictured people who had worked with him, people from Apprentice, and so on and so forth. He repudiates it it all, which is his right we dont just knowing that the truth is.

My point to you is, as a media narration, we dont get to say the 10 women are lying, Kelly finished. We have to cover that storey, sir.

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