How pitch-black babies talk to their daughters about surface feeling

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Photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis amassed maidens to captivate the variety and pride in skin feeling across all pitch-black wives, and too between mothers and daughters.


Rajni and daughter Lucienne

Rajni: I’m twilight chocolate. She’s like a cafe au lait.

People say,’ Oh your kids are going to be so beautiful ‘, because they know her father is white. I has got to stop and say,’ I’ve seen some busted biracial kids too !’ Having that whiteness doesn’t see her automatically beautiful.

When I view me and her together I’m like, this is a black girl. She’s lighter than me but she’s a black girl extremely. And I bask in that. I get to teach her how blackness is beautiful, in national societies where blackness is not seen as beautiful, we’re just seen as entertainment.



Estelle and daughter Sailor

Estelle: I’m light-skinned black, and Sailor basically appears white.

She has this surface ambiance that’s admitted universally, everywhere. She has an automatic pass with that. What she might run into are questions like,’ How come you have light skin and your mommy has brown skin ?’

To that, I’m like, can’t we all only have different skin colors? There are so many different complexions in the rainbow, colourings of skin. That doesn’t define who “we il be”. What does is our heart and soul.


Audrey and daughters Annette and Tricia

Annette and Tricia: We are light-skinned but with a yellow-bellied undertone.

Audrey: I’m brown-skinned.

Audrey: I was so dark compared against my mommy and my sisters. In my own family they would tease me because I searched so different.

Annette: Growing up we were infatuated with her. We fantasized she was so pretty. We would were participating in the flooring outside the lavatory and watch her put one across makeup.

Tricia: We envisaged she was the ultimate. We never thought of her as brown-skinned, we just thought of her as gorgeous.

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