Kim Kardashian Basically Explains Why She Tried To Overshadow Beyonce’s Lemonade With Those Racy Pics!

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Kim Kardashian West ~ ATAGEND doesn’t like being out of the spotlight for too long.

The brunette beauty pissed off a lot of beings on the internet over the weekend when she posted provoking pics to her Instagram ~ ATAGEND report … the same nighttime Beyonc ~ ATAGEND’s Lemonade declined!

Poll: Who Was Thirstier For Lemonade ?!~ ATAGEND

While it seemed like a ploy for attention, the 35 -year-old is taking to her app to explain the real reasoning for the bawdy photos!

The lovely girl illustrated 😛 TAGEND

“I don’t make I’ve ever gotten so many text contents from acquaintances asking if I was drink, LOL! Kanye[ West ]~ ATAGEND and I went to my best friend Dave Grutman ‘s wed in Miami, and it’s been a while since our friends have been together and all dressed up, so we were just fondnes induced and wanted to take fun pics.”

Not to poke holes in your arguing Kim, but don’t you get dressed up like … every day?

Anyway, the celeb continued to say that her husband is actually the photography mastermind behind the seXXXy snarls, adding:

“It was a different way to capture minutes from the darknes. We were all so into snapping and coming up with different ideas. Even though Kanye doesn’t have an Instagram, he does best available errand taking photos and choosing the right angles.”

And then the momma-of-two merely started name-dropping other -Alisters 😛 TAGEND

“Afterward, we went to Soho House and considered David Beckham ~ ATAGEND, and we had to add him to the story with a picture of his and Kanye’s tattoos.”

Plus, the reality sun didn’t forget to discuss THAT pic of her boobs, which naturally transported Kris Jenner ~ ATAGEND into a full-fledged anxiety 😛 TAGEND

“My mom even called me, frantic, when I posted that close-up photo of my tit, asking me where it came from. She thought someone had hacked my phone. I said, ‘Relax, I posted it !!! ‘”

Soooooo … that’s all you’ve went, Kim ?! Seems like a reasonably boring explanation to us. Likely because she couldn’t outwardly say “I was trying to outshine Beyonc.”

We kid, we kid!

[ Image via Kim Kardashian/ Instagram .]

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