Patronizing baskets excrete the risk of speaks with marketings clerks

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If your favorite phrase is “No thanks, I’m just looking, ” then these are the shopping baskets for you.

Innisfree, a Korean elegance supermarket, stands patrons to choose between two baskets before they begin to browse: one that signals “I need help” and one that signals that no assistance is necessary.

A photo of the baskets was posted to Reddit Thursday by user hand_ and met with much ovation, especially from people who’d opt a lonely patronize event in a storage with notoriously proactive customer service.

“An introvert’s dream, ” one commenter wrote.

“This is a great idea. I don’t know why but when I’m a approached by a retail party I frequently end up leaving the storage, ” said another user.

Still, several Redditors were quick to point out the health risks issues with the two-basket method. “Can you thoughts the scenario when a customer changes their sentiment? ” one commenter said. “‘I’m sorry sir but you choose the green colored cart, I can’t help you.'”

Also, what if they run out of dark-green baskets?

Still, for those working shoppers among us who only want to browse look masks in conciliation, it’s a potentially comforting arrangement. And if a green-basketer abruptly needs to ask a question? Better hope there are some orange ones left.

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