These Tiled Paces In San Francisco Glow At Night From The Moonlight

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The 16 th Avenue Tiled Steps Project is an stunning community-led assignment in San Francisco. Pals and neighbours got together to cover the 163 steps at 16 th and Moraga with a beautifully colorful tile mosaic. And as if this isn’t stunning enough, just wait until the sunshine is down!

The mirror-like tiles reflect the moonlight during the night, but the steps become even more spectacular where reference is catches the rising or defining sun’s lights. The project took over one and a half years to complete and included the help of over 300 neighbours. KZ Tile, a major SF tile-setting busines, kindly agreed to help determine the tiles in place and over 220 neighbours sponsored the process of developing handmade animal, chick and fish figure tiles. The end cause is pretty amazing, but as you can see from these drawings, its true-life knockout is simply divulged after sundown. The programme is an breathtaking lesson of what can be achieved when a community decides to work together. That’s what we call a “step” in the right direction!

During the day, the tile stairs look incredibly beautiful

Image ascribes: John W .

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