Trump blames sex crime assertions on conspiracy between Clinton and media

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The Republican nominee announced his numerous accusers horrifying, horrible liars amid the risk to sue New York Times over clause detailing two womens allegations

Donald Trump scrambled to dig himself out from an avalanche of fresh abuse allegations on Thursday after a series of women came forward to spat his claim that his comments about sexual assault were simply empty boasts.

The torrent of accusations, which includes claims from grace parade contenders who allege he burst into their dressing rooms to ogle them while the latter are nude, added almost a dozen new appoints to the tally of women who have accused the Republican nominee of inappropriate behavior.

Many say they were galvanised into speaking by Trumps denials during Sundays presidential conversation, where he rejected a recording of him bragging about searching wives as cupboard area talk and held the latter are statements not action.

But with charges to the contrary shedding an ever-growing darknes over the campaign, Trump instead sought to dismiss the accusations as a vast organisation conspiracy, orchestrated by his opponent Hillary Clinton as part of a concerted, coordinated and nasty attack.

There is nothing the political organisation will not do , no lie they wont tell to hold their statu and dominance at your overhead and thats whats happening, he told a rally in Florida. The foundation has trillions of dollars at stake in this election.

After a series of initial dismissals in capital letters on Twitter and more than an hour after his speech was due to start, Trump launched into an hour-long attack on the means and female accusers he announced ghastly, atrocious liars.

Take a examination. Search at her. Seem at her words. And “youre telling me” what you think. I dont was just thinking, Trump said of Natasha Stoynoff, a People magazine reporter who alleged he had forced his tongue down my throat.

The New York Times, which mentioned other women alleging Trump was like an octopus who employed his hand up her skirt on a plane, was rejected as peddling third-rate journalism on the guidelines of the Clinton campaign. Trump would be in danger of sue the working paper over the essay.

And while the Guardian has interviewed a former elegance opponent who claimed he deliberately stepped in on two young Miss USA 2001 players while they were naked, Trump drew himself as a martyr.

I never knew it would be this contemptible, this wicked, he told the crowd in Florida. Nevertheless I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for the movement so we can have our country back.

He included: I will not tolerate the Clinton machine to make our campaign into further consideration of their slanders and lies, but will remain focused on the American parties. The only stuff Clinton has going for her is the press. Without the written press she is nothing.

Nevertheless, his response to the brand-new claims took up virtually the entire addres and Trump refused to take the issues of them, dismissing from the chamber a reporter who asked about them beforehand and calling him a sleazebag.

The New York Times rejected his threat to sue in withering terms.

The essence of a libel contend, of course, is the protection of ones reputation, its lawyer wrote to Trumps. Nothing in our essay has had the slightest outcome on the reputation that Mr Trump through his own words and actions has already to generate himself.

The campaign contended it had evidence for bringing its legal action against the New York Times, however.

Your article is negligent, insulting and constitutes libel per se. It is self-evident from , among other things, the timing of the clause, that it is nothing more than a politically motivated effort to defeat Mr Trumps candidacy, wrote Marc Kasowitz, Trumps lawyer.

Under the US constitution, any clothing filed by Trump would be almost certain to be hurled out. American slander principle as defined in the 1964 subject of New York Times v Sullivan is to say that any public figure suing for slander must prove a insulting proclamation was stirred with actual malice, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless dismis of whether it was false or not.

Trumps speech in Florida came as even close allies embarked distancing themselves.

Newt Gringrich, a leading advocate and replacement who was considered a potential guide mate, described the Republican nominee as sometimes frankly pathetic. Theres a big Trump and a little Trump, the former House speaker told Fox Business. The little Trump is frankly pathetic.

Amid reports that his safarus was pulling out of Virginia because it was no longer competitive there, Trump nullified a Fox News interview planned for Thursday night that was expected to deal with charges against Bill Clinton, while his daughter Ivanka was forced to sit awkwardly during a campaign coffee happening as moderators tried to avoid the subject.

Democrats too enjoyed in the campaigns evident meltdown. This is not normal, this is no longer politics as usual, Michelle Obama told a rally in New Hampshire. I cant believe that Im went on to say that a candidate for chairman of the United States has boasted about sexually assaulting females, she said. No woman deserves to be treated this course none of us deserves this kind of abuse.

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